Fun Activities

Kinetic Sand: This is a great material for molding, building and above all- sensory exploration. It holds its shape unlike the sand at the beach or a public park. We highly recommend this as an at-home material this summer.

Water Table: Fill a large tub or plastic bin with water and let your children explore. Add soap bubbles or some paint to change the color of the water. Another great addition is toys that sink and float along with plastic cups to fill, pour and stack. Add new materials on different days to keep it exciting.

Outdoor Activities

Scavenger Hunts: Get creative, think about your child’s interests or transitional periods that might go more smoothly if a game was involved. Scavenger hunts are a fun and easy way to add excitement to almost anything.

Nature Walks: Take advantage of the weather and talk about the animals, plants and weather reflective of the current season. Show your children short National Geographic or Discovery Kids YouTube videos before venturing out together to find things depicted in the videos.

Pretend Play

Children can make a pretend ice cream truck out of a box. Give it windows and a door. Have them decorate it. Use pom poms for pretend ice creams and toilet paper tubes for pretend cones. Ice cream truck is here! Enjoy it indoor or outdoor.

Art Activity

Make a cone out of paper. Children can paint the paper brown or take brown paper to make it look like a cone. Use pom poms on top of the cone for ice cream. You can use this along with the pretend ice cream truck.


Art Activities

Cupcake liner spiders: You will need a piece of paper, glue, several cupcake liners, eyes and markers or crayons. On one side of the cupcake liner place glue. Once you have the glue on the cupcake liner place it on the paper glue side down wherever the children would like. Repeat this process with the rest of the cupcake liners. After the cupcake liners are glued down, have the children place eyes on to their “spider‘s” body. They can put as many as they would like. The next step is to create legs using a crayon or marker. Have the children draw legs on their spider. The final touch is to add a line from the top of the paper to the body of the spider to look as if it is spinning a web.

Coffee Filter Butterfly:You will need a coffee filter, markers, a spray bottle with water, pipe cleaners and a clothes pin. Place the coffee filter flat on a piece of paper. Using the markers color the coffee filter. When you are done coloring with the markers, using the spray bottle cover the coffee filter with water. Watch how the colors in the markers begin to turn into watercolors. When it has completely dried gather up the coffee filter in the middle and secure it closed with the clothes pin. On the clothes pin draw 2 eyes for the butterfly. Taking the pipe cleaner twist it to create 2 antennae for the butterfly.


Bug hunt: During your outdoor play time go on a bug hunt. Look for all different kinds of bugs. There are some that crawl, fly, walk and slither. Keep count with help of an adult how many bugs you can see outside.

Bug Yoga: Please watch the video for a cute story about bugs and how to move like them.

Art Experience

Singing kazoo: Put wax paper at one end of a paper towel tube and secure it with a rubber band. Have your child decorate the tube. Finally, let your children sing into it and it will have a kazoo type effect on their voice.

S.T.E.A.M experience

Make your own instruments: Here are some thought points for you to have a discussion with your children about instruments:

1) What can we make an instrument out of? Then gather all supplies that can be potentially used.

2) What kind of sound would you like it to make? Discuss various sounds different instruments can make and/or play samples of them.

3) How would you like to have to play your instrument? Strings to strum, hit with hand, use a tool to play, etc.

4) When playing it, does it sound similar to what you expected? Then encourage your child to explain why or why not.

Fun activities:

Oobleck is a great sensory experience! To make it, mix one part water to two parts corn starch. Add food coloring if available.


You may see a variety of bottles but we see bowling pins! Line up the bottles 3, 2 , 1 in a row with the tallest in the back. (Not just water bottles- orange juice, almond milk, Gatorade, and cold brew plastic coffee bottles all work well just to name a few). Three bottles is the minimum required for this activity.