Aquatics @Home

Please note if you are letting any of your children “play” in the bathtub someone must watch them. You can drown in only 4in of water. An older sibling can act as a lifeguard if needed.

Activities for your DolphinBabies!

Put on your suit and theirs and get into a clean water bathtub, Use a cup to pour water on their toes, knees, tummy, arms, chin and head. Remember, This is the way we wash our toes, knees, tummy, arms and head.. Have your baby lay on your tummy while they are in the water for a back float, 1, 2, 3 wake up! Or even twinkle twinkle little star.

DolphinPrep Levels 1-3.


have children put on their googles.

  • Children can look for coins at the bottom of the pool, once they put their face in the water, they can pick up the coin.
  • Practice your back floats, blowing bubbles for breath control
  • Dryland
  • Children can use a step stole a solid box to practice all the different strokes that they know.  This will also help balance and the side breathing, as the child can hold one arm up like superman and the other by their waist with their head tilted.
  • Children can work their way across the living room as a worm to work on their butterfly kick.
  • Children can bob for apples,  create a small bucket and have kids bob for the apple, getting their face wet.

Seated flutter kicking

    1. Sit on the edge of the bed
    2. Lean back on your elbows
    3. Extend your legs straight out with your toes pointed.
  1. Should be a straight line from your hip to your toes.
    1. Keeping your legs straight practice kicking like you would in the pool.
  1.       Swimmers should be lifting their ENTIRE LEG up and down. Not just bending their legs at the knee.
  2. Keep the core tight

Activities for your DolphinTots!


  • Bring in some cups to play with.
  • Together you can sing the washing song “this is the way we wash our toes, knees, arms, chin, head, etc” pouring water on themselves.
  • Children can blow bubbles in a cup or even lay on the bottom of the tube to put their faces in the pool.
  • Children practice back floats, do 3 secs, 5 secs, 10 secs, they just need to hold their tummies up. They can even lay on their backs and sing Twinkle Twinkle little star.


  • Children can even practice jumping into a pool, by placing a hulu a hoop on the ground outside and have them jump inside it.
  • Children can use the couch to practice their big arms. Hold out your arms touching the couch straight out and take turns moving their arms down to their hip and back to the couch. They can walk around the house practicing their big arms.
  • Children can lay on their backs and practice their back floats like a starfish or a pencil.
  • They can also practice kicking their feet on their front and back as they would in the pool pointed toes and no bend in their knees.

Seated Breaststroke kicking

    1. Sit on the edge of the bed
    2. Lean back on your elbows
    3. Extend your legs straight out with your feet flexed up.
  1. Toes should be pointing to the ceiling.
    1. Pull your heels straight back until they touch the mattress.
    2. Turn your toes out to the side and start to bring your legs apart.
  1. Feet should be wider than your knees.
    1. SNAP your feet together in a circle
    2. The motion should start and finish with legs straight out in front of and squeezing together.

Dolphins Swim Team