Criminal and Civil Court Services

Navigating the criminal and family court processes can be intimidating and confusing. Domestic Abuse Services staff help you better understand these systems and can advocate with other service providers on your behalf.

Criminal Court Advocacy:

When a domestic violence arrest has been made, the Family Violence Victim Advocate provides support for the victim with navigating the criminal court process, including:

  • Preparation for hearings and court accompaniment
  • Speaking on record on behalf of the victim
  • Monitoring and notifying the victim of updates about the case

Civil Advocacy:

YWCA Advocates offer guidance in preparing an application for a civil restraining order and providing safety planning and support around obtaining, serving and implementation of the order.

Clients learn to navigate and use the various public service systems available to them through referrals and collaborative advocacy. Policy work includes advocacy at the local, state and national level regarding legislation and policies around improving services and protection for victims of domestic violence.

Civil Legal Clinic:

Victims of domestic violence often lack the guidance needed to navigate civil legal matters, like divorce and child custody. Victims also often lack the financial resources to hire an attorney to represent them. The Clinic, which is run by volunteer attorneys, serves victims who are receiving other domestic abuse services at YWCA Greenwich.

For more information about Criminal Court Advocacy, call 203-965-5261.

For more information about Civil Restraining Orders and/or the YWCA Civil Legal Clinic, please call our hotline at 203-622-0003.