Parents are juggling more than ever before.

Join us for this series of brief practical parenting tips that will help keep the lines of communication open and improve your relationships with your children. You will learn easy skills to use during these unprecedented days and every day!

Family Activities

Water painting – give your child some water in a plastic cup/bucket and a paint brush (a toothbrush can substitute) and let him/her get to work! This activity can be inside on construction paper, outside on cement, pavement, trees, houses, fences, etc.

Homemade puzzles – challenge your child to draw a picture on a piece of paper, on a part of an old box or on whatever you have around. An old photograph can also be used. Cut it up (the children can help, too!) and then have them put it back together.

Sensory play – in a low bucket, add uncooked rice or beans, flour, water, etc. Have the children feel, squish and/or measure the contents with plastic cups and spoons. Practice pouring and scooping. Use the words: more, less, hard, soft, solid, liquid for describing.

Have a pretend picnic snack/lunch either in your yard or in your house. Spread out a towel, sheet or tablecloth to sit upon and enjoy the “picnic”.