The Director of Women’s Empowerment & Racial Justice (“Director”) is responsible for the overall strategy and implementation of women’s empowerment and racial justice programs and initiatives. The Director reports to the President & CEO and is a “director” level position within the organization along with other department heads and program leaders. The Director is also an outward facing position representing YWCA Greenwich within or leading coalitions and other initiatives in the community, the state and the YWCA federation. The Director also works closely with the Women’s Empowerment & Racial Justice Committee of the Board of Directors.


Community Education and Awareness Raising

The Director will also be responsible for a robust variety of community education and awareness raising events. These events include the annual event marking Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday in January and the annual Stand Against Racism (SAR) in April. SAR is conducted by YWCAs across the country with different types of initiatives. In the last few years, these events were refreshed with focus on more contemporary issues such as hate speech and hate crimes; sex trafficking; the intersection of race and gender; labor trafficking; the intersection of racism and immigration policy; and an examination of women’s power and the vote at the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. YWCA Greenwich intends to ramp up these events and conversations using Zoom and live events, when appropriate.  

Direct Programming

YWCA Greenwich provides direct programming through educational and training programs on women’s empowerment and racial justice. Women’s empowerment programs include a range of programs from training women to run for office to a full-day training in self-defense. These programs are distinct from the lifesaving, empowering work of YWCA Greenwich Domestic Abuse Services.

Direct programming in racial justice is centered on YWCA Greenwich’s DIVE Program (Diversity, Inclusion, Values and Equity), which is a comprehensive, age-appropriate, anti-racism curriculum. YWCA Greenwich developed this curriculum with an outside consulting firm in 2019. YWCA Greenwich recently began delivering this curriculum to internal constituents in the YWCA Preschool and Kaleidoscope (Afterschool) programs, using RBA (Results Based Accounting) assessments to measure outcomes. In the winter of 2020, YWCA Greenwich began delivering the adult module to outside constituents. The Director will be responsible for delivery of this curriculum both inside and outside of YWCA Greenwich.

Policy Advocacy

YWCA Greenwich develops and publishes an annual legislative agenda and conducts policy advocacy on the local, state and federal level. The Director will be responsible for developing this annual agenda, which is approved by the Board of Directors each January. The Director will also be responsible for the advocacy of the YWCA, including writing testimony for the Connecticut General Assembly, and engaging in grassroots advocacy among YWCA constituents. All policy advocacy is conducted within the IRS limits for 501(c)(3) organizations. YWCA Greenwich also engages in other initiatives and awareness raising around legislation and other public policy.

Systemic Change Initiatives

YWCA Greenwich and YWCAs around the country are devoted to addressing all forms of systemic oppression, whether based on race, gender, religion or any other dimension of personal or community identity. The Director will be responsible for the YWCA’s engagement in systemic change initiatives, which is a growth area for the organization. This often involves research and coalition building, and systemic change can intersect with the other areas of responsibility outlined above. Current areas of focus for racial equity include voting, education, housing and healthcare. Current areas of focus for women’s empowerment include the family court system; police training and systems change in domestic violence dual arrests; and women’s economic security and wellness.

Each of these four areas of work often intersects with and leverages the others, and the organization seeks to enhance the community impact associated with each. With respect to our racial justice work, we seek to consolidate these four pillars of work under the umbrella of a Center for Equity and Justice to be announced with the hiring of the new Director.


Bachelor’s degree required. Advanced degree is preferred. Experience in diversity, equity and inclusion work in the for-profit or nonprofit spaces is preferred. Experience in policy advocacy, community education and/or systemic change initiatives are also preferred. Excellent writing skills, communication and public speaking skills, and experience in key social media platforms are required. Knowledge of Results Based Accounting or other social outcome measurement system is preferred. Key competencies include passion for the mission, vision, collaboration, goal setting, communication, persuasion, networking, and the ability to get others to support the YWCA’s mission.


Around the globe, YWCA operates in 125 countries reaching 25 million women and girls through its work in 22,000 communities. It is the oldest and largest multicultural women’s organization in the world.

In the United States, the YWCA, founded in 1855, has over 200 local associations that serve 2 million members. Since its beginning, the YWCA has been a major force in this country’s struggles for freedom, justice and equality.

YWCA Greenwich’s mission is to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.Through leadership, innovative programs, services, and educational opportunities, YWCA Greenwich is a driving force for a healthier, safer, and more equitable community.

Today, YWCA Greenwich offers over 100 age-specific programs, events and services in a facility that features a fully equipped fitness center, pool, gymnasium, childhood education center, dance and yoga studio, tennis courts, domestic abuse center, art gallery, café, water playground, Kompan structures playground, sand play area, meeting rooms and staff offices.

The key programmatic areas are: Domestic Abuse Services, Aquatics, Childhood Education programs, Fitness memberships, Health & Recreation Programs, women’s empowerment programming and racial justice initiatives. More specifically:  
  • YWCA Greenwich provides comprehensive direct services to victims of domestic violence through 24-hour hotlines, crisis intervention, counseling, court advocacy, and emergency sheltering. Recently we have added a Civil Legal Clinic and Financial Literacy Coaching to our array of free services to victims of domestic violence. In addition, the YWCA Greenwich provides prevention education through extensive training of key members of the community and age-appropriate domestic abuse prevention programs through the Greenwich Public Schools.
  • YWCA Greenwich has a nationally recognized swim team. The Dolphins, now entering its 50th season with well over 200 swimmers, can point with pride to their fourth consecutive USA Swimming recognition as a “Silver Medal” Club, placing the team in the top 4% nationally.
  • YWCA Greenwich boasts a diverse top-rated international preschool center, with children from a variety of racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds representing not only the United States, but also 25 other countries around the world.

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