YWCA Greenwich Consulting and Capacity Building

YWCA Greenwich's Center for Equity & Justice (CEJ) was founded in 2020 to serve as a community resource on eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice freedom, and dignity for all. Together, with individuals, private and public sector organizations to create a community where neither race, ethnicity nor gender identity determines the trajectory of one’s life. Guided by expertise, our work is led by research and proven practices informed by community context.

To view our toolkit and more resources to combat racism, click here.

Consulting & Training

The CEJ provides a range of services to build individual and collective capacity for systemic change. By leveraging assessment and evaluation, professional development, training, and coaching, we help leaders, practitioners, organizations, and coalitions co-create just solutions to solve challenges

Our consulting services are designed to support all phases of a project, and we can help you meet your objectives during a single phase.

  • Assessment & Evaluation. This form of data collection provides invaluable information and insights for organizations in the early stages of racial and gender equity efforts. We seek to understand the demographic composition of your organization, uncover opportunities and challenges, and articulate goals in our consulting design and practice. Evaluation is ongoing and woven throughout all phases of a project. Approaching evaluation in this way provides real-time information to inform decision-making.
  • Design & Development. Various conditions hold systems in place. To change systems, organizations must attend to factors such as policies, power dynamics, resource flows, and mental models as they (re)design programs, initiatives, and structures for equitable outcomes.
  • We recognize that the design and implementation phases of initiatives need to be carefully coordinated to achieve successful outcomes. Our responsive approach, as well as a deep understanding of human-centered change management, allows us to support organizations through the implementation of programs and initiatives rooted in equity.