What We Do

YWCA Greenwich helps improve the health and well-being of girls, boys, women, and men of all ages, regardless of racial or gender identities. Everything we do is anchored in our mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We are in Greenwich for good.

Who We Are

YWCA Greenwich is a community service non-profit that has been serving the Town of Greenwich and surrounding region for over 100 years. We are your neighbors, your coaches and friends, the merchants and civil servants that live and work here, the people you commute with, stand next to on line at the grocery store, chat with in our parks and houses of worship, and say good morning to when you start your day.

Get Involved

Whether you volunteer, donate, partner, sponsor, participate in or lead a service project, or even join our team, there are many ways to get involved and serve the community. Throughout the year we have local and national events that provide valuable and fulfilling opportunities to more deeply engage the people of Greenwich. You make the difference.

Connect With Us

Stop in, attend a program, bring a friend or family member, make new friends, learn about our advocacy work and the many things we do to prevent domestic violence or aid those and the families of those in need, discover new learning, skill-building and fitness opportunities, subscribe to YWCA Greenwich e-news, or just let us know what you think. There are many ways and a million reasons to connect with us.

100Years In Greenwich
24Senior National Qualifiers from the Dolphin Swim Team
8Olympic Trial Qualifiers with 2 in 2019
4700children have attended our preschool

Stay Connected

Connect with us to receive important updates from our gym and pool. We have options available below for our YWCA members to stay connected and engage. We value your membership and will do our best to update our members as soon as possible to all changes to schedules, facility closures and other important YWCA information.

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