Hot off the presses, the annual new card from the NMJL has been released! How to decipher it? Which hands and categories are updated, and which stayed the same? Are there “tricky” hands, more NEWS hands, or fun Dragon combinations? Instructor Donna Holt will guide you first through the changes and challenges of the 2023 card.  She then will supervise play as attendees try their luck with the new hands. Gather all your Mah jongg friends for an exciting few hours of the latest in craks, bams, and dots! Always a fun class which fills quickly.

Open to players of all levels who are comfortable with American Mah jongg rules of play and understand how to read a NMJL card. THIS IS NOT THE CLASS FOR YOU if you don’t already know how to play American MJ and read the card.

Please bring your own 2023 card (order it now from if you haven’t already) as well as your 2022 card for reference.