Welcome to the YW Hub after-school program at YWCA Greenwich.

The YW Hub is a great place for middle-school aged children meet up with friends, do homework, play sports and participate in other activities that they choose.

At YWCA Greenwich, we take pride in offering our students a high-quality experience entertains and stimulates the social, physical and academic growth of middle-school-aged children. All our activities strive to promote interpersonal skills and self-esteem within a supportive, fun atmosphere. Counselors are specially trained to support this age group.

Visiting our facility is the first step in deciding whether the YWCA Greenwich’s after-school program is right for you and your child. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Start the process

By completing the form below, you will be contacted to schedule a tour of the YWCA Greenwich After-School and meet with Arthur Smith. During your visit, you will tour the facility, see all the classrooms and spend time receiving answers to all your questions.

Note: Space is limited. Completion of this application form is the first step in registering your child for YW Hub, but it does not guarantee a space or grade placement.

In addition to the form below, complete and download the Registration Form